WATCH: McEnany spars with CNN’s Jim Acosta in heated WH press briefing

Jim Acosta is quite the scum-bag, asking if Trump’s staff at the rally will be wearing face masks. As always, a loaded question to start the anti-Trump rhetoric.

Thankfully, Kayleigh McEnany won’t have any of it and points out the hypocrisy of CNN (Communist News Network) the Fake News capital of the world. 

What we have here is a grown man, and I use the term man loosely, acting like an old woman nagging about silly masks. First of all, and here’s the hypocrisy of the Left, he couldn’t care less about the health of anyone at Trump’s rallies. Secondly, adults are free to go or not go, wear masks or not wear masks. Lastly, the liberal media mob had no issues with rioters not wearing masks as they destroyed life and property.

These people at CNN are good at one thing, and it isn’t reporting the news; it’s making people vomit. TGO

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