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Does Seattle look familiar to you? It should. It looks pretty much like any American city run by liberals. Take your pick: New York, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland… There are others, but I’ll stop there.

The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, a brain-dead Leftist. The governor of the state, Jay Inslee, is yet another buffoon who believes that climate change is the real enemy; not the rats, urine, feces, drugs, filth, crime and destruction running rampant in his state.

But, alas, this is what liberals across the country are all about. If asked what political party they represent they will proudly tell you that they are democrats, when in fact they should call themselves anarchists. Oh wait, come to think of it, they’re one in the same! TGO

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