Allen West: Brett Farve, Colin Kaepernick & Pat Tillman

Few individuals are more pathetic than these white trouser stains, people such as Brett, Favre and Roger Goodell, who suck up to black people just because they’re black. 

To compare Colin Kaepernick to Pat Tillman is a travesty. Colin Kaepernick is an *sshole who used the NFL for his own propaganda and profit. He’s anything but a hero. 

So please, all of you white people – jocks, ex-jocks, sports commentators and the like, stop with the *ss-sniffing already. We all know why you’re doing it. We can see through the hypocrisy. I’m white, but if I were black I would feel exactly as I do now, exactly like the gentleman in this video. TGO.

Video: YouTube


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