Why are Dems targeting Mt. Rushmore? South Dakota governor responds

I’m not a fan of Sean Hannity, but that isn’t the point of this post.

This post has to do with the sheer stupidity of the morons throughout this country who are tearing down statues, renaming buildings, and trying to erase our past. Why do we follow the lead of these trouser stains whose IQ is in the teens?  

There is no question that the people in this movement are imbeciles, but this movement has supporters and many of those supporters include liberal politicians and the liberal media clan. So, being that I’m a rational guy, I have a suggestion for this Leftist mob, and here it is:

Let’s wipe everything out. Let’s destroy every statue, every monument, every museum, every library, every building in fact… Let’s get rid of Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument,  the Capital, the White House, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, etc. While we’re at it, let’s wipe out the Empire State Building, in fact, let’s just get rid of every building in Manhattan and give the island  back to the Native Americans who originally “owned” it. Let’s also open our borders and give land back to France, Spain and Mexico respectively. Let’s just do away with the United States altogether!!!

I’m being sarcastic of course. But my question is, at what point will the stupidity stop? How far is too far? How politically-correct, tolerant and ass-sniffing of the Leftist mob is too much. In my view, we have gone way, way, way too far already. TGO  

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