JOE BIDEN’S JUNE 2020: (An Analysis)

This is too funny! Yet, at the same time, I find it sad. It’s sad because CLEARLY, Joe Biden is not fit to be President of the United States of America. Not that I would want him to be! Personally, I’m in agreement with 95% of Donald Trump’s policies. I may not particularly like his style, but I find that substance is more important than style. Barack Obama had a great deal of style, and in fact I voted for him in 2008, in part because he was very smooth and “presidential”. However, after seeing that his style produced nothing for four (4) long years, he lost my vote in 2012. Again, styly aside, I believe that Trump has been a great president, especially when one considers that from day one he’s been under attack by the liberal mob in this country.

Back to Biden… policy and politics aside, the amount of travel and public appearances, not to mention the level of stress that being president imposes on an individual, is CLEARLY not something that Joe Biden is capable of undertaking. As you will see from these various clips, his lackluster energy level and the lack of clarity and accuracy in his speech, is quite obvious. By the way, this is with an extremely limited number of public appearances, mostly from the comfort of his own home. Having to work anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day while frequently traveling both nationally and internationally is much, much more stressful than his current routine.

For the life of me it is difficult to understand how Joe Biden is leading in the polls. I do recognize that Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, yet it is undeniable that he is far and away a much better president than Joe Biden could EVER be. Add to this the fact that the FAR LEFT members of the democrat party are going to call the shots and dictate policy for Joe Biden, pushing this country further and further towards socialism, and it is easy to see why re-electing Trump is the only option for the individual and by far what is best for this great nation. TGO

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