Harvard grad blames Trump supporters after viral TikTok video got her fired

Here your have one of the “woke” individuals of our society (a synonym for the mentally retarded among us) demonstrating the result of an indoctrinated mind.

Actually, it’s quite sad. To be this young and already be f*cked-up for life must be a terrible thing. To be devoid of rational thought to the point where she cannot withstand hearing someone say that ‘all lives matter’ because somehow, in her feeble, brainwashed brain (which is basically the same as having had a lobotomy) only black lives matter.

Then she goes on to blame Trump, and Trump supporters, for being fired from her job. This is a sign of acute leftism/liberalism and Trump derangement syndrome. In short, a high degree of irrationalism as a result of being indoctrinated by academia!

She seems to be “beyond repair”. Sad but true. TGO

Video: YouTube


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