Tucker: Can the left lead a country they hate?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is out of control in this country. There is nothing that Trump does that is not only criticized by the Left and their bedfellows in the media, criticism isn’t enough. He is actually vilified, as if he was some sort of evil assassin or serial killer. 

The speech he gave on July 4th was actually a great speech. Anyone who is objective and fair (which rules out the Leftists) would have to agree. He talked about what a great nation this is, and much more. Naturally, the media spun everything to suggest that he is a racist bigot who supports white supremacy, even though there wasn’t the slightest mention of that. As Tucker Carlson indicates, the liberal media in this country are liars.

Contrast Trump’s speech with Biden’s and tell me which person you would like to be the leader of this country! 

Since all of the people you just saw in these media clips and the hundreds of thousands who agree with their rhetoric obviously despise this country and everything it represents, I wonder why they simply don’t leave and go elsewhere? TGO

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