‘The Five’ rips CNN’s Don Lemon for dismissing Terry Crews in heated interview

Don Lemon is one of the biggest turds in a network saturated with turds. Like all hosts at CNN, he’s one of their little soldiers pushing forward the liberal agenda. Unfortunately, very few of his guests have the testicles to speak up, so he always manages to spin the conversation so viewers only see his angle.

Black Lives Matter isn’t about protecting blacks, they couldn’t give a sh*t about blacks. Black Lives Matter is about anarchy, about transforming our society into a liberal cesspool. They’re about open borders, tearing down our history, about Marxism. They’re about re-making the United States with the pretense of racism. In short, they’re a criminal organization under the guise of defending the black community. Sadly, the masses in this country are too stupid and/or too apathetic to either realize what is happening or to stand up against it. 

On the ‘The Five’, notice how Juan Williams says that crime is down. Again, a liberal, downplaying the absolute anarchy going on in cities across the country. It’s enough to make decent people feel like throwing up! TGO

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