Bernard Kerik: Convicted Terrorist Susan Rosenberg on Board Tied to BLM Fundraising Operations


None of this is news to me as I had already looked into Black Lives Matter and discovered everything this gentleman talks about in the video. What I find astonishing is that people are donating money to this group without even knowing what they actually represent. Or, do they know what the group represents and are donating money to it because of what it represents? That would really suck! The point is that this douche-bag, Susan Rosenberg (nice going Bill Clinton) has a web page on Wikipedia for all to see. 

I can’t help but think of all the *ssholes marching in cities across the country following the George Floyd debacle carrying signs endorsing Black Lives Matter without so much as knowing what the group is all about. Or, were they simply stating that blacks lives matter without any reference to the group itself? Who really knows, I’m sure it’s a mixed bag. 

At this point however, except for those living under a rock, most everyone knows that the people involved with the Black Lives Matter organization don’t care about black lives. Further, they also know that the organizers of the group are Marxists and that Susan Rosenberg, the scum in the video clip (thanks again Bill Clinton) is vice chair of the board of Thousand Currents, a “foundation” which is partnering with the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Brilliant!

Those who mostly support Black Lives Matter are democrats (no surprise there). Just one more reason why I say that the democrat party is immoral. TGO

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