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I have always stated that the masses are ignorant, but I never identified which sector, which segment of the population I was referring to.  The irony is that liberals, who consider themselves “intellectuals” and “progressives” are the most ignorant of all. 

Just imagine the sheer stupidity of liberals, who not only publicly support Black Lives Matter, but who donate money to this corrupt organization. They send money to BLM expecting their “social warriors” to fight against “inequality and racism”. But instead what is actually happening is that the leaders of BLM are filling their pockets with cash! Yet that’s not all. The best part of this scam is that the leaders of BLM refer to themselves as Marxists. Is that not the absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy!

Marxism, which is all about the “collective”, about a supposedly ideal concept wherein political leaders are interested in satisfying human needs for the given society and not the private profit of  individuals, is the ideology being supported. Except that in reality it is being used as a platform to generate profits for the individuals who spearhead Black Lives Matter. Gee, what a surprise! It turns out that these so-called Marxists are actually Capitalists!

Liberals truly are ignorant. TGO

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