Tapper rebukes Jim Jordan: You owe CNN reporters an apology

Jake Tapper is a world-class scum bag! Here we have a guy who works for CNN, a media outlet whose reporters (and I use the term loosely) are the masters of spin, lies and deceit, claiming that Jim Jordan misrepresented what the hacks at CNN called mostly peaceful protests! The amazing thing is he actually says this with a straight face! Then, to top if all off, he expects an apology! What a joke!

The term “mostly peaceful protests” has been used hundreds if not thousands of times by CNN reporters. Yet these same reporters have NEVER, NOT ONCE, run a story about the riots, looting, violence, arson, destruction of public and private property, attacks against police, etc., NEVER! Their “reports” have always been about “mostly peaceful protests”. 

Cities across this country are literally being destroyed – New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kansas City, St. Louis and many others look like war zones and yet these vermin at CNN have the audacity to talk about mostly peaceful protests!!! I suppose that all of the businesses that have been destroyed and the police officers who have been injured and killed are the result of mostly peaceful protests also???

Jake Tapper is a farce and a hypocrite, but then, that goes with the territory. TGO

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