Lori Lightfoot’s liberal policies are a form of cancer spreading and destroying the city of Chicago. But then, this is nothing new. Her partner in crime over in Seattle, Jenny Durkin, is another liberal douche-bag. It’s difficult to determine which of the two bimbos is actually worse.  

But just so you readers out there don’t think I’m picking on women, Ted Wheeler in Portland, he’s as worthless as COVID-19. Then you have Bill de Blasio in New York City, what can be said about someone who idolized Che Guevara, a communist assassin? 

These four individuals have got to be the most irrational, incompetent, immoral mayors in the entire United States. They have blood on their hands for all of the innocent people who have been killed in their cities. They are responsible for all of the buildings burned to the ground, the toppled statues, the graffiti, the wrecked business… all of it! 

If these totally clueless, spineless individuals are the best that democrats have to offer, and if these are the “leaders” who the people of these cities continue to elect, then all that can be said is that they deserve what they get, and deserve to get it good and hard. TGO 

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