Bill O’Reilly on Oprah’s ‘White Privilege’ Comments

I am sick and tired of hearing liberals talking about white privilege!

You know what’s a privilege? Being an American and living in the United States in this day and age, that is a privilege.

Look, there are people born into royalty, there are people born into immense wealth, there are people born with great athletic ability, or intelligence, or good looks, or exceptional musical or artistic talents… Then there are people born in an African village or the Amazon jungle; there are people born deaf and dumb, blind and with all sorts of handicaps. LIFE ISN’T FAIR!!!

My message to blacks in this country is, STOP WHINING, STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELVES AND MOVE ON!!!

I don’t agree with Bill O’Reilly as it pertains to God and each of us having talent. Let’s face it, some people have no talent. Some people are born poor, ugly, dumb, lazy, etc. In any society there are always going to be people who, unfortunately for them, were not particularly gifted; those are the breaks. But for the most part, ANYONE can succeed if he/she is willing to put in the effort required. TGO 

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