The Protest Filled NBA And MLB Ratings Are Out. They Are Not Good. – Dan Bongino Show Clips

These spineless, BLM ass-sniffing athletes don’t get it, do they? 

To begin with, BLM is a Marxist organization. Professional athletes are some of the biggest capitalists in the U.S., being that they make tens of millions of dollars!

Additionally, the organization BLM couldn’t care less about blacks, who are hunted down by other blacks in our inner-city neighborhoods, cities which by the way have been run by liberal democrats for decades. I don’t see protests when blacks kill other blacks, not even when they kill children! HYPOCRITES!!!

But that’s ok. Continue with your hypocrisy. You can tell how good it’s being received by your ratings! At a time when there are basically no sports on TV, when restaurants and bars are pretty much shut down in many cities across America, and your ratings still suck! Doesn’t that tell you something? TGO

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