LeBron James is an idiot. People in our society continue to listen and idolize these athletes as if they were bright individuals. They’re not. In fact, most of them are at least ignorant, if not stupid.

With that in mind, I don’t expect much in the way of enlightenment coming out of LeBron James’ mouth. But what I’m really, really sick of is this race-card that everyone on the Left, especially the Fake News media, continues to perpetuate!

Get over it already people, slavery ended 150 years ago. If you’re black, stop feeling sorry for yourselves. If you’re white, stop sucking up to blacks, stop treating them as if they’re inferior to you, as if they need you to stand up for them; they don’t.

For all of you African Americans, do something with you lives, make something out of yourselves. Put some effort into your lives. Living in the U.S. is a tremendous bonus, and if you don’t think that’s true, then leave. Go to another country you feel is better than this one. Just STOP whining!!! No one cares about your constant whining regarding racism, it’s just an excuse. Get off your asses and do something with your lives!

But if you want to live in a country run by blacks, where blacks rule, where you won’t be discriminated against, move to any of well over a dozen countries in Africa; just pick one – Mali, Burundi, Chad, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, Togo… just move!

By the way, if there are two black people in the United States (there are millions of others) but if there are two black people in this country who shouldn’t be whining about being black, white privilege and all the rest of it, it’s Oprah Winfrey and LeBron James!!! Are these two morons for real??? They’re filthy rich and famous. They live better than 99.99% of ALL people in this country – white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, better than just about anyone. Yet these hypocrites have the nerve to criticize the United States @#!$%^&*?! Name another country where they could have achieved the fame and fortune they possess. NONE!!!

Lastly, let’s stop putting these thugs with their criminal records up on a pedestal as if they invented a cure for cancer. These people are scum! Possession of illegal firearms, possession of illegal drugs, drug trafficking, assault and battery, theft, jumping bail, domestic violence, resisting arrest… these people are thugs! Most of these people have a crime history longer than their arms. It’s not as if police just walk up to them and shoot them for no reason. So please, stop with the charade, we’re not stupid! TGO

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