The Media Is LYING to You About Jacob Blake | Stu Does America

Everyone knows this is not about justice. This is not about black lives (actual lives, not the criminal organization – BLM). This is about racism. Yes folks, in case you’re wondering, everyone is capable of being a racist, and blacks are no exception.

So, it turns out that all of the black women in the WNBA care more for the black rapist than the black rape victim. Brilliant!!! Logic and common sense turned on its head!

As far as Drew Brees is concerned, I was a big fan. However, it turns out the man has ovaries, not testicles. There is nothing worse than a pasty white guy sucking up to blacks. Furthermore, he’s being condescending to blacks, which is quite slimy if you ask me.

The bottom line, Jacob Blake is a thug. He’s not a hero, he isn’t special, he’s a thief and a rapist, and that makes him a criminal, pure and simple. TGO

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