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These numb-nut athletes don’t seem to get it! The NFL commissioner doesn’t seem to get it! Apparently the NFL player’s union doesn’t seem to get it! As for NFL owners, they also don’t seem to get it!

Here it is in plain English: WE’RE TIRED OF THE BULLSH*T!!!

It’s quite simple, just go out on the field, stand for the national anthem, and play football. That’s it. No f*cking “black anthem”. We have ONE anthem, the national anthem. Countries do not have multiple anthems. What’s next, an anthem for Asians? An anthem for Hispanics? An anthem for LBGTs? How about an anthem for left-handed people, they only represent about 10% of the population? How about an anthem for every minority group in this country#$@%!?

You hypocrites talk about unity and now you have a “black anthem”, that’s unity? How about respecting the national anthem and the United States of America? The country that gave you the opportunity to earn millions for playing a sport. You clowns make in a week what some Americans don’t make in an entire lifetime, and you want to lecture us on social justice??? 

It’s time that the black community take responsibility for the actions of its members. George Floyd was a delinquent. His death was despicable and should have never happened, but he was no model citizen by any stretch of the imagination. Jacob Blake was also a delinquent. The woman who he has been sexually assaulting was the one who called the police!

Blacks are killing other blacks, including children, in just about every major U.S. city on a weekly basis and nobody protests that! So please, stop with the unity-crap already! By the way, we’re tired of hearing about slavery. Slavery has been around for tens of thousands of years. Blacks in Africa owned slaves. The Romans owned slaves. The Egyptians owned slaves. Our Founding Fathers owned slaves… It’s all in the past! Look forward, not backward. You can’t change the past, and you certainly can’t erase it. 

Stop using football for political reasons, including the bogus Black Lives Matter-Marxist movement, or you’re going to ruin the sport! TGO

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