Joe Biden Is On ANOTHER PLANET | Bill O’Reilly

If this doesn’t concern the American people, mostly democrats, I don’t know what does? Clearly, Joe Biden is lost and not fit to be president of his local chamber of commerce, much less President of the United States! 

Meanwhile, the immoral, liberal, Fake News media is BLASTING Trump on a daily basis while giving Biden a free ride! Do these people have any shame? Are they so corrupt that they would help elect someone who through no fault of his own doing is incapable of handling the most important position on the face of the earth???

At some point even the most partisan individuals or groups of individuals such as members of the media, Hollywood, etc. have to admit that Joe Biden CANNOT be elected president, don’t they? Isn’t the well-being of the American people and the good of the country more important than having an incapable person in the White House, albeit a democrat? TGO

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