Should We Give Up On Sports?

For once I completely disagree with this man. His videos have always been in line with my way of thinking. However, this time I feel that he is totally out of line in his assessment of what’s going on with sports in this country. 

The overwhelming majority of the 3000-plus comments in response to his video tells me how many Americans feel, and I couldn’t agree more with them. I have copied a few of those comments below, having erased the sources. TGO

Giving money to people who hate the United States is NOT going to happen for me.
Sorry but sports tickets don’t sell themselves.
This was pretty lame. Sports are not important. BLM telling us we’re all racists is the important part. It’s a toxic ideology.
Drew Brees found out that he doesn’t have a 1st amendment right … he was compelled to apologize at least twice for supporting the flag and his country… they will never get another dime from me ..
The kneeling is one thing. Putting criminals names, including the man accused of a drive by shooting against a Federal officer, on their helmets, takes away my ability to support football. I am in my 33rd year in law enforcement and will not support the attack on police in any way. I respect the players right to protest, but I don’t watch sports to see political statements. Let them show support off the field.
BLM is a Marxist led organization. Felons made out to be martyrs . “Peaceful “ protest? The silent majority is no longer silent
The older I get the less interested I get in 20 year old millionaires.

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