New Rule: Oscars, No White | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

A few years ago Bill Maher put out a comedy “concert” in which he coined the term, the “pussification of America”. Well, although he’s a super-liberal and I’m not, I agreed with him then and definitely agree with him now.

How did we get here? What the f*ck is going on in this world, and more specifically, in America? America as a whole, Trump excluded, has lost its balls! Of course, that statement alone is offensive to liberals. But personally, I don’t care, let them get offended. It’s time we speak the truth and stop pandering to this insane, hypocritical liberal movement which is going to lead us straight to one of two outcomes: total anarchy or communism.

Let’s go along with the hypocrisy, with political correctness you say. OK, let’s see how that works. I’m “sure” if people are found to need life-saving surgery, they will surely look at hiring a minority; a Native American surgeon, a Muslim surgeon, a Hispanic surgeon, an African American surgeon… Or how about an African American, half-Asian, transgender, Hindu surgeon? Do you believe this scenario is realistic? BULLSH*T! People will select the BEST surgeon available. So please, let’s stop with the hypocrisy already! 

I agree with Bill Maher on this issue. TGO

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