AOC Is a COMMUNIST | Bill O’Reilly

Yeap, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the bimbo, is definitely a communist. She talks as if she’s some wise individual, yet all she is, is a dumb, albeit pushy (obnoxious) pin-head. 

Voting for “sleepy” Joe Biden is like voting for Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez or any number of socialist dictators of the past 50 years. The liberal clan will surely turn this country into a downward spiral from which it will be difficult to recover. Just take a look at San Francisco, Portland and Seattle for a glimpse of the future of America if Joe Biden is elected.

The general public, with the help of propaganda from the liberal media,  is so worried about Russia, China and North Korea, yet the cancer that will destroy this country is within our ranks. TGO

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