Trump vs Biden – the first Presidential Debate – My opinion

I am a supporter of Donald Trump. I don’t support him because I “love” Trump the man, I support him because I agree with his policies. 

  1. We haven’t been in one (1) single war since Trump took office. 
  2. He has consistently withdrawn troops from the Middle East and Afghanistan.
  3. He has strengthened our military.
  4. He has brokered trade deals which help America.
  5. He has gotten us out of the Paris climate accord which was a joke; nothing more than a chance for politicians to go on a free European vacation.
  6. He has been strong with the European Union whose member countries have sucked the blood out of the United States for years.
  7. He supports our veterans and has helped them tremendously.
  8. He supports law enforcement and opposes defunding the police.
  9. He is strong on illegal immigration which is very detrimental to this country in many ways.
  10. He believes in law and order. He is completely against the lawlessness prevalent in our cities, predominantly in democrat-run cities and states whose leaders are spineless.
  11. Contrary to all of the criticism surrounding COVID-19, he has mobilized private companies, the public sector and the military in an effort to slow down the virus. He even had hospital ships taken to New York and California (which were mostly unused by those governors). Through his efforts he will presumably have a vaccine to treat the coronavirus within a year, which is unprecedented.
  12. He isn’t afraid to call out ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter for the corrupt, anti-American, anarchist movements that they are. In other words, he is not politically-correct, which is a good thing.
  13. He is making great strides in bringing peace to the Middle East.
  14. But most of all, I support Trump because he despises socialism/communism as much as I do! I believe that Joe Biden is a puppet for the ultra-liberal Left in this country, for people such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others, and that if elected this country will soon be moved away from capitalism into a more socialist state.

Having said all of that, I believe that if Trump loses this upcoming election it will have been lost as a result of his “performance” last night. He was simply atrocious. There was no need to be nearly as aggressive as he was! He was overbearing and at times obnoxious. His timing was awful, especially during moments when he went after Biden’s family. He looked angry the whole night. He didn’t smile once, not once. He was even rude and contentious with Chris Wallace, and this was very early in the debate! 

I don’t know what was going through his head, but he was completely out of control. I can’t imagine that he was coached to behave this way. He had a great opportunity to win over people who were undecided and he blew it! 

He could have gotten his points across with much, much less aggression. He could have been firm but fair. He could have used levity at times, but no, no way. He acted like a wild animal from the onset, and I believe that it could very well cost him the election. TGO

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