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Liberals are sick! What happened to the “love and peace” crowd of the late sixties and seventies? Has all of that LSD and heroin turned them into the scum-bags that now indoctrinate our children so they can destroy our cities and suck up to communist groups such as the delinquent Black Lives Matter crowd? 

Yes, liberals including the Fake News media, can continue to counter Trump’s accurate assessment of the Left’s destruction of our cities with accusations of supporting white supremacy, which is of course, a lie. They play dirty, everyone knows that. From the relentless attacks of CNN, MSNBC, etc. to the bogus Mueller report, to the manufactured impeachment, to ignorant rodents like Bob, Stacey and so many others who wish that Trump dies… liberals play dirty!

Liberals have lost it! They aren’t objective. They aren’t coherent. They aren’t fair. What they are is full of hate, and if they win the 2020 election that hatred will destroy the greatest country in the history of mankind. TGO 

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