Jane Fonda Spills the Beans!


This communist btch, like all of these filthy rich Leftists, would prefer that a million people die just to get Trump out of office! Is that not disgusting, thanking the global pandemic@!#$%^&!!!

I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but who’s to say this whole pandemic wasn’t planned?

Either way, these people just want a global (socialist/communist) form of government. Sounds great right? It is, if you’re wealthy and/or a political leader. 

Don’t be fooled, it’s all bullsh*t. Just look at some of the examples of this socialist ideology right here in our own backyard, not to mention other parts of the world…

Hugo Chavez got elected in Venezuela (in part) by promising the people a fcking radio if they voted for him as a sign of “free things to come… ” The ignorant masses swallowed it all up and voted for him. He thanked them by turning the richest country in South America into a sewage pit and becoming filthy-rich in the process. What did the poor people get? They got DCK! They were worse off than before because now, as Nicolas Maduro continues the communist regime, there is NOTHING in the entire country; no food, no private property, no businesses, NOTHING! Fidel Castro in Cuba promised to take private property from the wealthy and give it to the poor. He did. He turned single-family homes (mostly in Havana) into multi-dwelling housing. Suddenly, homes with three rooms and one bath became home to three or four families instead of one. The problem is, the power grid is shot, the water system is shot, the sewage system is shot… In other words, the infrastructure is CACA (SH*T)!!! He took from the “rich” and gave to the “poor”. What did he give them? NOTHING! He took it all for himself!!! Sixty-years plus later Cuba, the pearl of the Antilles, is now a toilet bowl.

One only has to look to Central and South America, some of the most naturally-rich countries in term of climate, soil, geography, natural resources, etc. and see where they are globally. The bottom line is that they’re mostly in ruins, thanks to socialism. TGO

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