MSM hopes you don’t believe your eyes

On the surface, this election appears to be in Trump’s favor. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, it would be a slam dunk. Still, there are a very large number of Americans who vote subjectively rather than objectively. To them, facts don’t matter, they either hate Trump or love Trump, they either vote republican or democrat. TGO

But for those of you still undecided, here are a few items worth noting:

  • No wars for four (4) years. Trump’s wars are fought with economic sanctions, not weapons. In other words, he doesn’t send other people’s kids to die.
  • Middle East peace. The region has been quite quiet for some time now. 
  • Middle East peace agreement between Israel, Emirates…
  • No terrorist attacks on the U.S.
  • Vastly improved military.
  • Best unemployment numbers before the pandemic.
  • Best economy before the pandemic.
  • No sucking up to allies and/or adversaries, making them accountable to us for national security and other factors. 
  • Secure borders.
  • Elimination of sanctions. No raised taxes. More money in our pockets.
  • In favor of law and order. No police defunding.

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