The End of Women’s Sports

I understand and COMPLETELY AGREE with you. You are a thousand percent correct, and EVERYONE knows that your argument is factual – EVERYONE!

The problem, your problem, and that of thousands of girls/young ladies like yourself can be defined in one word: LIBERALS. 

These catatonic, brain-dead liberal half-wits with their political-correctness and gender-neutral BS have somehow pushed their sick, pathetic narrative to the point that people such as you are being severely affected by it. Unfortunately, it is the spineless politicians, college administrators and other members of society who are afraid to speak out against this totally ridiculous narrative that boys and girls, men and women, are physically and biologically equal – we are NOT!  

Can the best WNBA team compete against the worst NBA team, can the best LPGA player compete against the worst PGA player? Yes, it’s possible. The possibility of the women winning? ZERO (0) out of infinitum… 

If these spineless hypocrites who, because of political-correctness, defend their position that men have no physical advantages over women with regard to track and field, why don’t they apply that same standard to hockey, football or boxing? The answer is simple: because young women would be killed and they would go to prison for murder!

Bottom line, which everyone KNOWS – men are vastly superior to women in terms of ALL physical activities (sports). Hopefully, you will be successful in your pursuits. I know it’s no consolation; unfortunately, you are living in the worst of times… liberals, which is to say, SPINELESS HYPOCRITES rule the day. TGO

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