Trump criticizes AG over Hunter Biden probe: Barr ‘frankly’ did the wrong thing

Republicans are always worried about public perception and doing the “right thing”. William Barr is a perfect example of this. He wants to be non-committal and play it safe. Meanwhile, the democrats don’t give a f*ck about what people think about them. This is why they are sending a half-witted buffoon to the White House while Trump packs his things and moves out. Sad but true!

As far as COVID-19 goes, if Biden would have been president instead of Trump the vaccine wouldn’t even be through Phase 1 trials. A lifelong politician, especially one as inept as Biden, wouldn’t know where to start solving a problem like the pandemic. He would have created a dozen committees, one to oversee the next. This is what politicians do. Trump on the other hand, had the experience, the vigor and the personality to move mountains if that’s what it would take to make things happen, which he did. TGO

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