Tucker: Biden refuses to acknowledge Hunter probe

As long as the only media outlet asking Biden the question is FOX News, and they don’t press him on it the way liberal “journalists” pressed Donald Trump during White House briefings (which was an embarrassment)  he will continue to disregard the issue. Why would this be any different than the rest of it? Can anyone say, “Brett Kavanaugh hearings”, “Robert Mueller report”, “impeachment hoax”, “2020 election fraud”, “Eric Swalwell China spy”? The list goes on and on…

Democrats can fabricate a pile of elephant manure to fill the White House and make it stick, yet on the other hand republicans sound, and more importantly act, like a bunch of whiny children – because they have no BALLS; and this is with evidence! Just look at the Justice Department, talk about WIMPS!

There is no accountability for the democrats because republicans are weak, they want to make sure they come off as the “good guys” so they will continue to get F*CKED by the democrats (as will their supporters). As long as that continues democrats will continue to deceive, lie and cheat. TGO

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