How Democrats Finally Got What They Wanted …

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that democrats always get what they want…

Just as an example, I’m still waiting for the John Durham report followed by the arrests of James Comey, John Brennan and Christopher Steele. Do you ever think we’ll see this report or the arrests of anyone mentioned here? The simple answer is that at this point it doesn’t really matter. John Durham can use it to wipe his ass with it as the 2020 election is over and with democrats in charge of all of Washington, no charges (if any) will stick. 

Do you believe this ghost report was deliberately held and not published? I do. You see, republicans have NO BALLS, in addition to the fact that they too are part of THE SWAMP and liked things just the way they were (before Trump) which is the way things will be (after Trump). 

And yes, those stupid rioters were played like a fiddle, so was Donald Trump and the republican party at large. The democrats lured the rioters in, and now they are feasting. TGO

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