You Might Be Surprised to Hear Me Say This About Impeachment…

Dinesh D’Souza is 100% correct, this impeachment of Donald Trump, like the first one, is like watching a show, a circus if you will. There is no reason for Trump supporters to take any of this seriously. No reason to feel offended that “your” president has been impeached twice. In fact, the laugh is on the Left! Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell and the rest of the clowns in Congress who voted in favor of impeachment, some who can hardly speak a coherent sentence, are the real clowns.

I’m actually glad that this group of immoral, intellectual cripples along with the sell-outs in the liberal media (and others) are engaging in this immature, vindictive act, which is what it is. If nothing else, it demonstrates how petty and vile democrats are.

As for Joe Biden, he’s a complete waste, everyone knows this. He’s on board a runaway train and he can’t get off. In other words, he’s totally spineless and totally clueless. TGO

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