Dave Rubin slams AOC’s ‘media literacy’ commission: These people want control

At the rate we’re going (and this is a very real possibility) we may soon have speakers at the downtown intersections of major American cities blaring pro-government propaganda at pedestrians, just as they do in North Korea.

Or perhaps, we’ll have buses rounding up people at large to attend political rallies for the individual in power who otherwise can’t attract flies (that would be Biden) much like they did in Cuba under Fidel Castro.

You may laugh at these statements, but open your eyes and look around you. We have people such as a clueless, brain-dead socialist called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dictating insane policies in Washington, and people actually listen to this bimbo! 

We’ve been headed down this left-wing (socialist) path for quite some time now, and it’s picking up steam. It may soon be time to, as the late George Carlin would say (albeit in a different context): “Pack your sh*t folks, we’re going away.” TGO

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