Right After Being Inaugurated, Biden Carries Out His “First Act as President”

Here we go… sleepy Joe, who supposedly got over 80,000,000 votes (ha, ha, ha) is the new president of the United States of America. How long will he last? Who knows? 

Unity? Really? Joe talks about unity while Big Tech is shutting down conservative voices and while the liberal media hacks are pushing for more of the same? They actually talk about re-programming Americans who supported Trump! Sure *ssholes, let’s “re-program 74,000,000-plus Americans, as if there was something wrong with us.

Now the clown show will commence. We will see Biden undo most everything that Trump did, and unfortunately more than likely see a great deal more of rodents Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We will also see the liberal media (Fake News) suck up to Biden for as long as he’s president. 

Good luck America, we’re going to need it. One thing we should realize fairly soon – TAXES WILL RISE… TGO

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