Psaki caught on hot mic calling her own statement ridiculous

If the election in fact was not rigged, and Joe Biden received 80,000,000 votes (which I can’t imagine is the case) then all I can say is: America, you got what you wanted, you wanted a bunch of deadbeats in office and that’s what you got.

After the first week the Biden administration cost this country 200,000 high-paying jobs. Now all we have to do is sit back and watch gas prices soar as illegal immigrants cross our border, creating more unemployment. Brilliant!

But hey, we have blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals and transgender people in key positions within our federal government, we even have that dead re-tread, John Kerry, leading the “save the planet”  campaign. You gotta love these liberals, they invent a crisis (global warming) then spend hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars for the supposed “cure”.

Going back to the minority appointees, it’s all about diversity folks, appeasing the brain-dead socialists. Mind you, I have nothing against these groups of minorities, but to label them as such, as Biden did when he appointed them, doesn’t that signal that they’re not the best qualified individuals for the job and instead that they’re only being appointed because they fit the narrative? TGO

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