John Kerry Has Grim Response for Laid Off Keystone Pipeline Workers

Does John Kerry actually believe all of the sh*t he speaks? My goodness, what a LOAD of CRAP! Solar panels and windmills, really??? The United States of America, and in fact the world, is going to use solar panels and windmills for energy???

In the meantime, we’re going to have civil engineers, professional pipefitters, heavy equipment operators, etc. – people with years of experience in the oil industry, a very technical and specialized work force, sitting in a factory with screw-guns putting together solar panels for one fifth their former salary! What a farce!!!

One has to be brain-dead (a mindless liberal) to believe this LOAD of CRAP! Unfortunately, “reporters” (and I use the term loosely) ask the question but then don’t push back! As always, the Left get away with everything, ridiculous and/or immoral as it may be. TGO

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