Andrew Yang is Running For Mayor of NYC (For Some Reason)

What a buffoon! Just another typical democrat… 

So, what is (was) arguably the greatest city on the planet, New York City, now has Bill de Blasio, a complete imbecile if there ever was one as the mayor. And let’s not forget that senior citizen murderer known as Andrew Cuomo. He is the New York State governor, you know, the one who sent what is now believed to be upwards of 12,000 elderly patients from hospitals back into nursing homes, where they succumbed to the virus. Brilliant! 

Yeap, New York is really kicking butt when it comes to its politicians. But wait, let’s not forget that wise and knowledgeable member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She too is from New York. New Yorkers can really pick them, can’t they?

All things considered, Andrew Yang just might be an improvement when compared to the three aforementioned losers. TGO

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