The Video That ‘ACTIVISTS’ Don’t Want You To See.

Racism is the go-to card for liberals. They bring up the race card every time they can’t otherwise win an argument, which is quite a common occurrence.

Barack Obama, as with all liberal black leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, encourage division between blacks and whites. It works for them to do this. This is how they continue to persuade the black population to support them, thereby securing their vote.

However, blacks are beginning to see things differently, to see the way things really are. We have to thank Donald Trump for this. Trump exposed liberal leaders, both black and white, for their hypocrisy. He demonstrated how democrat-run cities and states are failing blacks. Cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore and many others have some of the worst neighborhoods and schools, and the highest levels of unemployment and crime anywhere in the United States. Yet these cities (and states) have been controlled by democrats for decades. 

These are the facts. TGO

Video: YouTube


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