Tucker: Corrupt mainstream media takes lying to Olympic levels

The hypocrisy of it all… 

This is the same media who called for Donald Trump’s impeachment the day of his inauguration on January 2017.

This is the same media who never had a kind word to say about Melania Trump; quite the contrary. Never once did I hear one single female reporter talk about how beautiful she was, or how elegant she was, or how stylish she was, or how she was fluent in several languages. Now these same hacks are praising Jill Biden’s “classy understated attire” and “attractiveness”. This is the same media who told the world how “beautiful” Michelle Obama was. Really? We’re going to compare Michelle Obama’s beauty with that of Melania Trump? Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but PLEASE!

I could go on, but the point is crystal clear: members of the liberal media mob are liars. They don’t report the news objectively, they twist and turn, flip and spin the news to suit their narrative. It’s actually quite sickening. TGO

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