Poll Shows That COVID Precautions Are Permanent. Really!

The FEAR POLICE are everywhere – in liberal politics, the liberal media, big tech, academia and the entertainment industry. They have stirred people up into a frenzy over fear of catching COVID-19, and it’s all part of a bigger plan…

Fortunately, there are still governors throughout the country who want people in their states to have a normal life, free of fear and anxiety, but most importantly, these politicians still believe in FREEDOM. They are not ordering businesses to close. They are not ordering people to stay home. They are not ordering schools to shut down. They are not ordering people to wear masks… They are also not censoring speech or refusing to publish books that oppose their social and/or political views. 

Needless to say, the aforementioned governors are ALL republicans. You won’t find any of these people in California, New York, Michigan or any number of other states whose governors are die-hard liberals. Ironically, it’s “liberals”, NOT conservatives, who are anything but liberal – they are all about control. That’s what socialism is all about, controlling the masses and creating a dependency on government. Take note, the indoctrination of the masses in this country is well under way and our freedoms are on their way out. TGO

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