‘The Five’ give blistering reaction to Biden’s CNN town hall

Joe Biden is a loser. All he has done since becoming President is criticize Donald Trump. His entire campaign (if we want to actually call it that) was based on “solving” the pandemic. Yet he has done nothing except bad-mouth the former President.

In terms of China, we know why he gives them a free pass; he and his family have been in bed with them for years. But just think about this for a moment. The entire world has been turned upside down for an entire year now as a result of China either accidentally or deliberately letting the virus out. In addition to the deaths, entire businesses have been forced into bankruptcy, children have been unable to attend schools, unemployment has skyrocketed, and on and on it goes… Yet this buffoon we have in the White House is so spineless that he doesn’t even call China out on that! Pathetic! TGO

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