The White House vs. The Science Lady!

Don’t you just love these liberal dick-heads? Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Symone Sanders are ALL slime. But hey, these are the people all of you half-wits wanted in office, correct? Correct!

I’ve always said it: Americans love what they get, and they love to get it good and hard. So, having said that, liberals wanted Biden/Harris, and now they’ve got Biden/Harris and the puppeteer, Symone Sanders, conducting the orchestra – Brilliant!!!

I sincerely hope that all of you ultra-liberal moms out there, those of you who have small kids at home and need to work, are happy with your choice of president/vice-president/ring leader. You wanted hypocrisy, incompetence and immorality, now you can take it all in and choke on it… TGO

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