John Kerry claims the world has only 9 years to avoid ‘climate calamity’

Who is the bigger idiot, Joe Biden or John Kerry? This is a really tough question. On the one hand Biden is just fawning to the ultra-leftist agenda, trying to show the world how politically-correct (how much of a pussy) he can be, and he’s excelling at it!

On the other hand, John Kerry is your typical democrat; fear-mongering. This is what democrats do, they propagandize fear whenever and wherever they can. So, let me get this straight, our planet has been in existence for 4.5 billion years, that’s billion with a (b). For those of you who aren’t good in math, that’s 4,500 million years! Yet somehow, John Kerry would have you believe that in the next 9 years there are going to be catastrophic events as a result of climate change. Really!!! This guy is a world-class douche!

The answer to the question I posed at the beginning has no real answer. Suffice it to say that both of these men are imbeciles!!! TGO

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