Rand Paul Confronts Biden’s Transgender Health Nominee About “Genital Mutilation”


This video demonstrates, without a shadow of a doubt, the difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Please watch this short clip and reply/comment as to:

  1. Whether you believe Donald Trump would EVER  nominate this freak as Assistant Secretary for Health of the United States.
  2. Whether you agree with Rand Paul or whether you believe that minors/children are mentally prepared and should be allowed to pursue changing their biological sex through surgeries and non-FDA approved medication/therapies.

If you agree with Rachel Levine (or whatever his name was before he changed his sex) I believe that like him/her you endorse the torture of children/minors.

This is revolting! What the f*ck is this country coming to as a result of this ultra-liberalism where anything goes that we as a people have allowed to flourish??? TGO

Video: YouTube

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