Jim Jordan RIPS Maxine Waters, Democrats in CPAC 2021 speech

Republicans can talk all day long about the hypocrisy of the democrats, and they would be right to do so as there is quite a bit of hypocrisy to point out. The problem is that republicans play fair, whereas democrats don’t, they have no scruples.

Just look at what they did during the four years of the Trump presidency:

  1. A call for impeachment before he was even inaugurated. 
  2. The Russia collusion hoax, culminating with the Mueller investigation over 30 months later.
  3. Impeachment for a call with the newly elected Ukrainian president.
  4. A rigged 2020 election.
  5. Impeachment following his departure from the White House.

Mind you, these are just the highlights! There’s plenty more where that came from… TGO

Video: YouTube

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