Dan Bongino challenges Geraldo Rivera on his attempt to excuse Gov. Cuomo’s behavior.

In my book Andrew Cuomo is a hypocrite and a sleeze-bag, just like most liberal politicians are. He went off when Brett Kavanaugh was falsely accused of sexual abuse by other liberal politicians and talked all kinds of crap about the issue, never considering the obvious, which was that Kavanaugh was set-up. All Cuomo had to do if asked about it was stay neutral. Yet instead, he went after him, simply because of politics.

Having said that, I’m sick and tired of these women who are supposedly “sexually abused/molested/harassed” (whatever) and come out years later like a pack of wolves on the hunt after one of them breaks the ice.

So, a man says a joke or makes a comment with sexual overtones. Or he puts his hand on the woman’s shoulder, back, waist… Or he compliments her and tells her she looks good in a given outfit, has beautiful eyes, legs… The woman then stays quiet about whatever the “inappropriate behavior” is, so the man says to himself, maybe she likes me, and takes things to another level. Then months or years later she goes public with accusations and now the man’s reputation/career is ruined? Sorry folks, I’m not buying it. Women need to speak out at the time or lose their ability to be heard.

By the way, what kind of  society are we living in where a guy sends 15,000 helpless, elderly people to their death but the supposedly “real” crime this guy has committed is hitting on women, whether appropriately or inappropriately? I’ll tell you what kind of society we’re living in, one that is totally f*cked up!

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