Tucker Carlson tears into Biden’s immigration policy live from El Salvador

It’s a good thing we have people like Tucker Carlson to expose the Biden administration, and liberals in general for their hypocrisy and lies. 

In addition to the fact that Biden is totally clueless and spineless, he’s being manipulated by the ultra-liberal clan in Washington. This is a bad combination folks. These masters-of-hypocrisy would have people believe that they’re such humanitarians, that they care so much for the plight of people in Central America, yet nothing could be further from the truth. 

As Tucker points out, most democrat-run cities are in shambles. Poverty, despair, unemployment, drug abuse, homelessness, crime… these are all rampant in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many others. Democrats have abandoned the citizens of these cities for decades. Then they want us to believe that they actually care for people from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. Please, only people who are brain-dead would believe such BS! 

Yet, here we are, the ignorant masses voted for Biden. The emotionally crippled among us (in addition to the brain-dead liberals) voted for Biden because they drank the liberal media’s narrative and so despised Trump that they simply voted against him.

So now we’re stuck with the puppet and his sidekick Kamala, who might soon take over the chicken coop, for four long years. My guess is that the United States will be unrecognizable by then…

Video: YouTube

For those interested, following is the full report. It’s worth watching:

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