New Rule: Losing to China | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill Maher is exactly right when it comes to China. I’ve been telling one liberal friend in particular the same thing for months, even though he doesn’t believe me. Maybe now that one of his idols says it he will.

While we’re obsessing with stupidities from tearing down statues of Confederate leaders and even former presidents, changing the names of schools and football teams, banning movies, songs, books, Looney Tunes cartoon characters and Dr. Seuss books, the Chinese are kicking our ass in every measurable category and (rapidly) taking over the world!

What Bill Maher neglects to mention is that these stupidities (my term not his) are ALL coming from the Left. The items I reference above are ALL the making of liberal retards (left-tards) who are obsessed with political correctness, racism, cancel culture, identity politics, the use of correct pronouns, equality, defunding the police, Black Lives Matter and all the rest of the BS that their limited brains can conceive of. We also can’t forget to mention our “wonderfully brilliant” politicians, who are also real “winners”.

But hey, let’s keep it up Americans. Let’s continue to appease the idiotic liberals who come up with all of this stupid nonsense that consumes our lives, while ignoring and failing to address the important issues. As it stands now we’ve already lost to China and if we continue down this path we’re going to lose to several more nations by the end of this century, if not this decade!

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