Rand Paul EXPLODES on Dr. Fauci Over Masks and Vaccines in HEATED Exchange

I agree 110% with Rand Paul. This Dr. Fauci clown has lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. This is the same guy who went on 60 Minutes about a year ago and told the country that masks were not necessary, that they might give people comfort and the illusion of protection, but that he personally advised against wearing them.

Now he’s saying that even after receiving both vaccines, we should STILL wear a mask! This guy is just playing politics, and since now we have do-nothing Biden and the liberal clan running the country (into the ground) he has to play along with their agenda which is to keep people scared and with a dependency on government to dictate our actions.

Hopefully enough people will read this post and watch the videos below. It’s time to stand up to these manipulators and go back to our normal lives!

Video: YouTube

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