John Kennedy asks about parental rights if child identifies as transgender

Liberals are destroying this country from within. This whole transgender “movement”, for lack of a better term, is completely absurd. Just listen to some of the questions and more importantly, the answers.

With all that is going on in this world, why the f*ck are we having public hearings on issues that affect an infinitesimal fraction of our population? The answer is because liberal half-wits continue to push, and push, and push some more for all of the marginal, over-the-top nonsense in our society – defunding the police, sanctuary cities, open borders, cancel culture, and of course, gender identity and transgenderism – just to name a few. 

When will it all end?

Video: YouTube

John Kennedy asks witness POINT BLANK: “How many sexes do you think there are?”

CONTENT WARNING: John Kennedy asks explicit questions about Equality Act


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