Newt Gingrich takes swing at Psaki: She’s a propaganda defender

The liberal media hacks are a bunch of Biden (democrat) *ss-sniffers. The sad part of it is that the masses are either ignorant, indoctrinated or just plain in denial regarding the constant lies and cover-ups and just accept whatever comes from the Biden camp.

As for Jennifer Psaki, she really and truly is an embarrassment. In terms of the Biden administration, they are an incompetent and immoral bunch. All they do is continue to blame Donald Trump for the border crisis, which takes a lot of gall since Trump built approximately 500 miles of wall and Biden froze the last section of it immediately after taking office. Not only that, but Trump worked out a deal with Mexico so that migrants stayed on the other side of the border in order for processing to be done in an orderly fashion. This deal also forced Mexico to enforce their southern border to mitigate the number of illegal immigrants into their country. Naturally, Biden did away with all of this. 

With respect to the COVID relief package, just consider that only 9% of the almost $2 trillion dollars is allocated for COVID relief! That is astonishing! We hear Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others brag about how much help they’re providing for the American people, and it’s all lies! Fourteen hundred measly dollars is nothing compared to what they’re distributing amongst themselves. 

These people are a joke!

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