Tucker reacts to agencies being told to use term ‘Biden-Harris Admin’

Any fair-minded individual (this rules out liberals) can easily see that Joe Biden isn’t fit to be president. He’s clearly not the person he once was, and he was never sharp, not even in his prime. 

But beyond that, I believe this signals the beginning of the movement I refer to as the “Biden bluff”. Biden’s presidency, I believe, has been a bluff. The whole idea of having Kamala Harris as his running-mate was to pass the torch to her, which should happen sometime between now and 2023.

Biden will fall ill (whether factual or not) or there will be some other “catastrophic” event that will prevent him from continuing the presidency, and Kamala Harris will step in. This has been my prediction since immediately after the Iowa caucus, in which Biden tanked and then suddenly afterward was miraculously resurrected from the dead. At that point I felt this was all pre-planned. After electing Kamala Harris, my hypothesis was (in my mind) confirmed. 

Time will tell if I am right or wrong. 

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